Purpose of Faith Reformed Church: To be the visible presence of Christ

Mission of Faith Church:
Worship God
Lead People to Jesus
Equip Each Other to Serve

Our Core Behaviors are who we are and the values we live out to fulfill our mission.

Worship God Core Behavior:
We want to glorify and experience God in all aspects of personal life and together in corporate worship. We recognize that Biblical worship begins with God and descends to earth. As in Psalm 150, our praise begins in the heavenly sanctuary and resounds throughout the domain of God. With the Psalmist, we join in with a variety of instruments and singing, until "everything that has breath" praises the Lord. [Psalm 150:6]

We want our worship services, designed around Sunday's Biblical theme, to be celebrative, creative, moving, and reverent. Worship will respect and appreciate multiple generations and a variety of styles and tastes.

Lead People to Jesus Core Behavior:
We want to advance God's Kingdom through outreach by focusing on a strategy known as "on the arm of a trusted friend." We believe that a major way the Holy Spirit brings potential believers to Christ is by personally inviting them to discover and accept Jesus as their forgiving Savior.

Equip Each Other to Serve:
We want to emphasize God's unconditional love and full forgiveness through Jesus. This includes receiving God's unmerited favor, extending forgiveness, demonstrating grace in relationships and giving people 'another chance'. We will encourage people to serve from a heart of gratitude and love, rather than guilt or duty.

We want to affirm and uphold the God-given worth of every individual and help them discover their God-given potential in Jesus. This involves seeing people through the eyes of Jesus, welcoming them, extending hospitality, sharing God's love, and inviting them to worship and grow in Christ.

We want to function as a unified community of believers fulfilling our Purpose and Mission. This involves caring for all people, celebrating the uniqueness of each person, and honoring diversity within the church. Being unified includes practicing honest, open, and direct communication. We will strive to resolve conflicts or disagreements by following the Biblical steps as found in Matthew 18.

Our denomination, the Reformed Church in America, is the oldest continuous Protestant denomination in America. Dutch settlers arrived in America in 1620 and settled what is now known as New York City. In those days we were known as the “Dutch Reformed Church.”

We are part of the “Reformed” family. We have the name “Reformed” because our history goes back to the Reformation in the early 1500′s, as do our belief statements. Our congregation is also part of the Dakota Classis, the local collection of RCA churches, and the Synod of the Heartland, the region of RCA churches which covers the center of the US from North Dakota to Oklahoma.